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Flowering time 55 days.

Genetics: Grape Ape X OG Kush.

Smell: Concord grape.

Appearance: In the winter time it looks like snow-capped pine trees with purple shoes. In the summertime it is very green and frosty with a pink hue.

Effects: Pain relieving, mellow indica. It will put you on the couch but not into bed.

Blue Dream:

Flowering time: 49 days.

Genetics: Santa Cruz X Hayes blueberry. Smell: This smells like the color blue! Appearance: Frosty, Lime Green

Effects: Morning time smoke. Uplifting and cerebral. Great for all day use.

Tahoe Triangle:

Flowering time: 56 days

Genetics: Triangle Kush X Tahoe OG Smell: Earthy

Appearance: Very dense golf ball size nuggets

Effects: Heavy Indica. Do not plan to go out after smoking this.

Granddaddy Purple:

Flowering time: 52 days

Genetics: Chemdog X Granddaddy Purple Smell: Floral fragrance with a fruity taste Appearance: Dense and dank with hints of purple

Effects: Heavy indica. Daytime functioning pain reliever.

Grand Doggy Purps:

Flowering time: 66 days

Genetics: Connoisseur Genetics. Seeds, Grand Doggy Purps x Grand Doggy Purps Smell: Fruity

Appearance: Snow-capped purple buds Effects: Couch lock. Great for pain relief and relaxation.

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