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Smug Life recording artist Thug Smug releases visualizer previews in lieu of first video drop. How we perceive what we hear is truly dictated by what we see. The visuals that accompany sounds are as important as every instrument in the recording. Rapper/producer Thug Smug understands this as well as anyone and has just released three new visualizers with collaborations by Chuy Guapo and Ramon Bando.

The tracks are untitled and it is unclear if they will be featured on his debut album.

"I'm just releasing previews and visualizers right now while I'm working on my first video." Said, Thug Smug, founder and creator of the Smug Life Collective.



Flowering time 55 days.

Genetics: Grape Ape X OG Kush.

Smell: Concord grape.

Appearance: In the winter time it looks like snow-capped pine trees with purple shoes. In the summertime it is very green and frosty with a pink hue.

Effects: Pain relieving, mellow indica. It will put you on the couch but not into bed.

Blue Dream:

Flowering time: 49 days.

Genetics: Santa Cruz X Hayes blueberry. Smell: This smells like the color blue! Appearance: Frosty, Lime Green

Effects: Morning time smoke. Uplifting and cerebral. Great for all day use.

Tahoe Triangle:

Flowering time: 56 days

Genetics: Triangle Kush X Tahoe OG Smell: Earthy

Appearance: Very dense golf ball size nuggets

Effects: Heavy Indica. Do not plan to go out after smoking this.

Granddaddy Purple:

Flowering time: 52 days

Genetics: Chemdog X Granddaddy Purple Smell: Floral fragrance with a fruity taste Appearance: Dense and dank with hints of purple

Effects: Heavy indica. Daytime functioning pain reliever.

Grand Doggy Purps:

Flowering time: 66 days

Genetics: Connoisseur Genetics. Seeds, Grand Doggy Purps x Grand Doggy Purps Smell: Fruity

Appearance: Snow-capped purple buds Effects: Couch lock. Great for pain relief and relaxation.

The digital age has brought many abilities with it. Music, whether you like it or not, will never be the same. This is because of the tools in which we use to make music have evolved. Instruments have come a long way from the day of analog. Not only can inspiring minds mix and master an album right at the kitchen table, they can also make the music with little to no money. We all know that the final product always speaks for itself but the imagery that promotes it is also invaluable to any producer, musician or vocalist. In many cases all these positions are held by one person. This is just another example of the digital age.

DJ producer / Musician / Artist Charlie Vanbrown.

You've heard the term one man band, well Charlie Vanbrown is taking the term to a whole other level. Not only does Charlie mix and master all of his tracks, he also designs all the artwork used to promote it. "The digital age has enabled me to do what I never could before. Now with some pretty basic software, I can do anything. I mean anything." "Sometimes it blows my mind on what we are capable of these days when it comes to music production." Says Charlie VanBrown.

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